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Niwa 27

Mitsuaki Saito, Niwa, encre, aquarelle et bombe aérosol, 24x32 cm, 2019.

Descriptif détaillé

Mitsuaki Saito's designs are influenced by the pictorial technique of Dripping. They integrate with graffiti and photography in an artistic practice that can be described as daily at Mitsuaki Saito. The artist works his drawings on the floor, on a flat surface, in the workshop. It uses water, combined with watercolor ink, Indian ink and acrylic spray paint, as the main activator of the image. The colors of Mitsuaki Saito are juxtaposed and intertwined, the drips dilute on the sheet, mix or repel in a choreography leaving much to chance. The artist then regains control over the image, the support is generally lifted by a corner of the sheet. Mitsuaki Saito then accompanies the work to a terminal state before removing the residual material to keep only the trace of it on the support. The image is created by the movement of color and shape on a blank surface. The ink is deposited like a tag on a blank wall, it suddenly flows, for a moment, to occupy the paper and leave a trace on it. The designs are then selected, a large part of them are discarded. Those kept have figurative evocations, for the artist they are bodies without bodies, independent, interior landscapes, or apparitions. Mitsuaki Saito leaves viewers free to interpret other visions, the effect of pareidolia directing us all towards very personal connections. Fixed shipping costs of € 19 for this work in mainland France. It is also possible to collect the work without shipping costs at the gallery la corbata rosa, 7 rue de l'Ancienne Cure in Rochefort-sur-Loire. For any information: